Aziz Mone

Aziz Mone is a Online Business Coach


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Right now, I’m selling Ad Space for small business

I didn’t know where to start, I was lucky to meet Aziz, helped me turn my passion into a significant business and make over 6000 $ / month.

Aziz knows so much about online business and blockchain. He has been instrumental in helping teach me how to setup

Rosalina Perking from Orlando, Florida

I run an online service company

Working with Aziz for the past months has been amazing. I was able to grow my business 65% in less than 6 months. His skills are great and he’s a good person. Our experience with him has been amazing, Thanks to Aziz for what he taught me about my online Business, I am looking forward to working with him again!

Mariam Carter from Boston, Massachusetts

I teach people how to play music

Working with Aziz has skyrocketed my business. Before I didn’t know how to create a course that took someone from A-Z. I was curious about my content and how to structure it. After couple online meeting, I had a step-by-step guide to creating my online business.

Aziz helped me scale my business in 6 months. It has been a pleasure working with Aziz, I look forward to our continued working relationship

Julia Faris from Montreal, Canada

I work in digital marketing business

Amazing experience. Very informative. Gave me some much value! Highly recommend to anyone sitting on the fence. Excellent collaboration and grasp of the subject matter, Aziz  is knowledgeable and seem to know his stuff. I feel great about my online project and I look forward to the next steps

Adam Draper From Toronto, Canada